• SPEC OPS Cargo Trouser Elite Black

    Elite Series by SPEC OPS have been designed keeping in mind the toughest outdoor operations and are aimed at providing comfort and functionality in the harshest conditions.

    The fabric is a special blend of  Polyester Cotton blend which makes the trouser lightweight yet strong and quick drying.

    The Ripstop weave pattern ensures excellent resistnace to tear.

  • SPEC OPS Cargo Trouser Ranger OG

    Spec Ops Ranger Cargo Pants With multiple pockets, reinforced knees, and a customizable fit, these pants offer unparalleled versatility for tactical operations in any environment.
    Durable Fabric: Constructed from high-quality, ripstop fabric that can withstand tough conditions without tearing or fraying. This fabric is often a blend of cotton and synthetic fibers for durability and flexibility.
    Multiple Pockets: The trousers feature numerous cargo pockets strategically placed for easy access to essential gear and equipment. These pockets often include flap closures with hook-and-loop fasteners or snap buttons for secure storage.

  • SPEC OPS Tactical Cargo Ultra OG

    Presenting the most comfortable, tactically functional cargo trouser ever – SPEC OPS Ultra Tactical Cargo Trouser. We have added lycra to the already formidable Poly Cotton Ripstop fabric that we use in our Tactical Garments, resulting in better comfort and ease of movement in addition to strength and quick drying capabilities.

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